Rent the Design: Midcentury Nomad


I'm most at home in neutrals. Variations of ivory, tan, grey, black, white. They feel warm and clean and settling. Earthy and organic. When we're composing for a space, one of my favorite things to do is intermix styles — allow more imperfect, character-filled elements to sit comfortably next to polished, clean-line pieces. This helps keep a space unexpected and interesting, engaging guests and making them feel like they're settling in somewhere special. A well-traveled corner that's ready for long chats and good stories. 

Below we've put together one of my favorite assortments: a lounge composition for the Mid-Century Nomad. Cuddle up with those rich blacks, a gin and tonic, and enjoy.  

Recipe Card: Midcentury Nomad — Lounge I 


Recipe Card: Midcentury Nomad — Lounge II