Introducing: Rent the Design


We see it a lot. Pinterest agony. Clients come to us with grand visions they've sourced from the Internet, pulling in a thousand compositions and details and ideas. It's design overload. Their kernel of an idea has sprouted into a jungle, and they have no idea how to take what they've compiled and translate it to real life. 

But this is really where we love to come in — to help clients simplify and refine. We're a design-focused rental company, which means we don't just give you a library of rentals to pull from (again: this can be overwhelming). But we really love to help you select and place, discerning how to make a space feel cohesive and natural. 

To us, beautiful pieces are just half the pie of good design. The rest is in composition. That's why our rental company feels a bit different; we want to really be a resource for you as you dream big and design the space of your wildest imagination. 

This new series — Rent the Design — is all about taking initial ideas/inspiration and making a concept executable in real life. We hope it's helpful. If you have any ideas of compositions you'd like to see, please share in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Up first: Organic Seaside

Organic Seaside

Rent the Design: Organic Seaside

I've been seeing Aly's Beach pop up so much lately in my feed. 30A everywhere. The clean, white-washed buildings. The coral blue ocean. The soft sand and seagrass. There's something realty simplistic and natural about a seaside town — especially one that has been so thoughtful about its own composition. 

Translating that look away from the ocean in a landlocked town (like Nashville) can seem tricky, but with the right pieces and recipe, you can communicate the laidback, tailored feel that transports you to a place with soft sand between your toes and sunshine on your shoulders.

Below, we've included a few compositions to consider, depending on the needs of your event. We love to incorporate lounge when/where possible, and have recently added some beautiful new Tulum Sofas to our collection that feel spot-on seaside lounge (we actually just got to use these in 30A with our favorite Amy Osaba ladies).

We've also added in some ideas for a windswept, ocean-inspired dinner utilizing our new, go-to dining chair: The Almond Havelock. It has this perfect contemporary shape and soft color that feels neutral and fresh. You'll also see some pieces from some of our other favorite vendors: La Tavola, Creative Candles, and Liberty Party Rentals.

Anything else you'd like to see or ways we can help? Let us know! Happy designing. 

Organic Seaside Lounge (I)



Organic Seaside Lounge (II)

Organic Seaside Dining

Lounge (I) Recipe

(1) Tulum Sofa
(2) Chelsea Chairs
(1) Escondido Cocktail Table
(1) Crawford Accent Table
(1) Escondido Accent Table

Lounge (II) Recipe

(1) Chester Sofa
(2) Algarve Chairs
(1) Sawyer Cocktail Table
(2) Kingston Accent Tables

Dining Recipe

 Almond Havelock Chairs
Ritz Linen Drape
Rattan Chargers
Heirloom Smoke Dinnerware
Wedgewood Taper Candles