Twelve Finds

Twelve Finds for the week are up — products and resources to make the art of hosting just a little more seamless and beautiful. Happy hosting!

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  1. New York based Venamour is one of the most thoughtful designers I know. I fawn over their pieces and find any occasion to integrate their work into our daily operations. At 12th Table, we keep their thank-you cards in house when we’re in need of some thoughtful correspondence.
  2. A place for everything. So often when guests come over, living spaces get littered with purses and coats. A beautiful, well-made coat rack is a nice investment piece that suits both the style and function of a living space. This Splash Coat Rack is a current favorite.
  3. Hosting isn’t just about food and drink — though there should be plenty of that. It’s about curating the full environment and all the senses. This Santal 26 candle is a go-to when I want my space to feel totally warm and welcoming. Grab it at local Nashville shop, Two Son

  4. I love this start-up brand and the quality of material they use for all their pieces. These Striped Linen Napkins from Parachute Home are delightful staples you can use both on an everyday basis, as well as on a well-set dinner table.

  5. Back to the senses: music is vibe essential. When I’m looking for something fresh, I always wander over to Goodwin’s mixtapes on Spotify. Elise’s taste is always that perfect backdrop I’m looking for.

  6. The best hosts are those that are comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying themselves. I think a lot of that personal confidence and energy can come from feeling and looking your best. For an attire staple, try out the Georgia Shirt from Nashville’s Elizabeth Suzann. Tailored, comfy, smart. It will make you feel how you should: beautiful.

  7. Baking is messy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, too! These Cedar Measuring Spoons are on sale and too lovely to pass up.

  8. McKel Hill is one of my favorite people and her recipes are natural go-to’s when you’re having your nearest and dearest over. Her cookbook, 100 Wholefood Recipes Made Deliciously Simple, is one of the few I keep on my counter.

  9. When cocktailing, my husband is a sucker for a well-made Moscow Mule. I’ve been on the hunt for beautiful, matte copper mugs that feel a little more contemporary and a little less hammered. Thank you, CB2.

  10. I don’t like my tables to be busy. I prefer beauty to come out in the essential dining pieces — tableware, glassware, linens. These Crafted Wooden Plates are the perfect approachable statement piece for a simple, refined table.

  11. I always like to keep a throw or two around when I have guests over, especially if we’re doing outdoor entertaining. Lay it on the ground for a picnic blanket or around your shoulders for warmth. Dual use win again!

  12. I’m a big fan of simplicity, so any time I can grab a multi-purpose item I do. This Deuce Pitcher is both a water pitcher and a watering can. Quench your guests’ and plants’ thirst all at once. Brilliant.