Twelve Finds: Jennie Lorenz


The beautiful thing about being a design-centered company is that our staff is full of thoughtful, nuanced individuals. It seems everyone on our team has such a great eye for finding treasures and making everyday spaces feel really valuable and worthwhile. Over the next few weeks, I'm excited to use this Twelve Finds space to introduce you to our ladies who truly make 12th Table what it is. You'll get a peek behind the scenes and into their design mind, learning all about what they love and invest in. I hope you enjoy it! 

Up on the docket first: our lovely Design Services Manager, Jennie Lorenz. Shop her picks and read all about her hosting sensibilities below!

What do you think makes a great host?

Being relaxed, and enjoying the gathering with your guests!


Out of the products you recommended, which do you love most and why?

The Kapok floor cushions from Jayson Home. With my small bungalow, seating space is limited — so I’m probably lounging on the floor with my puppies.


What's your favorite time of year to host people, and why?

Definitely Fall. I’ve lived in the South most of my days, so it’s always a relief when the weather begins to cool! Give me all the cliche pumpkin recipes and a mug of hot cider.


What is your go-to beverage or dish to prepare for guests? If you want to include a recipe, feel free!

Chocolate chip cookies - but I will take my secret recipe to my grave. I’m a one trick pony.


What's on your home playlist when guests are over?

Feist or Andrew Bird Pandora station. Or if the guests already know how strange my taste is, probably some Devendra Banhart so I can dance a little.


What is your best piece of advice for hosting newbies?

I read such a good article about “scruffy hospitality” last week — the point of it being that you and your home do not have to be perfect to host. Your friends are not coming over to judge your house and your food — they’re coming to spend time with you. So relax, and just order pizza if you’re a horrible cook like I am.


Megan Proby