Behind the Scenes at 725 Timpleton


I love big open spaces. They can be intimidating to design because there seems to be endless possibilities. Living bleeds into kitchen bleeds into dining. Where do you place your table and your sofas? What feels right in the entry? So many things seem interchangeable. But by the same token, this fluid floor plan is so inviting when well-appointed. You can feel a part of the conversation whether you’re slicing tomatoes in the kitchen or wrapping up some work on that reclaimed farm table. Spaces can become multi-purpose and incredibly welcoming.

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to stage a renovated ranch in West Nashville. The home had such a wide open, inviting presence. Big windows, tall ceilings, vast rooms, and the most inviting backyard. In particular, we loved the great room with its high-reaching fireplace and contemporary molding. Take a peek at the process and final product here. This was truly a favorite.  

Like what you see? This property is available through Parks in the Gulch realtors, Gabriel Nies and Ivy Arnold.

The Process

Final Product