Twelve Finds: Shelby Foldy



The beautiful thing about being a design-centered company is that our staff is full of thoughtful, nuanced individuals. It seems everyone on our team has such a great eye for finding treasures and making everyday spaces feel really valuable and worthwhile. Over the next few weeks, I'm excited to use this Twelve Finds space to introduce you to our ladies who truly make 12th Table what it is. You'll get a peek behind the scenes and into their design mind, learning all about what they love and invest in. I hope you enjoy it! 

Up on the docket second: our lovely Brand Experience Associate, Shelby Foldy. Shop her picks and read all about her hosting sensibilities below!

What do you think makes a great host?

Transparency and intentionality. My goal is to always create an environment where others can be themselves and feel loved. In order to do that, I must be truly myself. Also, fully knowing my guests helps me be intentional about choosing things they enjoy. 

Out of the products you recommended, which do you love most and why?

I have used my Hasami Mug since the day I bought it from Wilder. The minimal design and size is great! I'm still working on collecting a set for brunches. Meanhwhile, my daily morning coffee is always enjoyable thanks to Hasami. 

What's your favorite time of year to host people, and why?

Autumn, hands down. I have fond memories of spending Autumn camping and having bonfires as a child. I love how naturally a fire brings people closer and creates an intimate environment for great conversation. The warm colors, spices and crisp air make me want to host every night!

What is your go-to beverage or dish to prepare for guests? If you want to include a recipe, feel free!

My husband is my "bartender" when we have guests over. We love making Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. A good drink paired with a cheese plate is my go-to. It's easy to make a serving tray with cheese, crackers and jams look nice on a time crunch. 

What's on your home playlist when guests are over?

Usually a playlist with FKJ, Tycho and Gregory Alan Isakov. Recently, I've been listening to Cereal's Summer Playlist on repeat too. 

What is your best piece of advice for hosting newbies?

I still consider myself a newbie! You don't have to be a pro at hosting in order to throw a great party. Remember to be yourself and have fun because your guests can pick up on your stress. Trying to make everything perfect can take away from from fun. Be intentional about what your guests need. If you want to practice, then start small with a pizza party with your close friends. Recently, I went to a dinner party where the hosts let us make our own pasta. I think creating a space where making dinner together is part of the evening is brilliant. Play some music and keep the drinks full. Cheers!