New Pricing and Policies


For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to refine our process but I haven’t been quite sure what adjustments to make. Making shifts in your business is hard. You’re always trying to walk that tightrope of serving your client well and making sure your brand succeeds. I didn’t want to make any big changes unless I was sure they were the right ones.

So for the past six months, I asked our team to do a lot of listening. We went to the source —you—to find out what you love about our brand and, on the flip side, what we do that’s not so lovely. We asked you to call out the ugly parts—the pebbles in your shoe—so we could take them out and make our process and products better.

If we didn’t know it before, we certainly do now: You guys are an honest, insightful bunch. Thank you.

And so here we are now, halfway through 2017, and we’re going to shake things up a bit. Our team listened to what you said—we listened to our gut—and we’ve made some essential shifts to our brand. Moving forward, these are the backbones our team will operate on—the promises we believe in wholeheartedly and will always honor. As a client and supporter, I think it’s important you know them, too:

Pricing // We provide quality, designer furnishings at a revolutionary price. Our vision is a brand that’s accessible not just on big deep-pocket occasions, but also in those everyday moments of life where gathering friends and family is just as fundamental and important.

Service // We’re here for more than a business interaction; we want to serve you with thoughtfulness and be a true asset for you in the process. Our goal is to transform a logistics-centered business into a service-centered one.

Process // We believe the actual rental process should be engaging, helpful, and simple. This industry has too many fees and too little transparency. Let’s change that.

To keep these promises, you’ll immediately notice some big changes around 12th Table with more to come in the future. I’m so excited to share these updates with you and hope they’re really helpful to you as you celebrate and create.  

  • First off, the biggie. Across the board, we’ve reduced our rental fees by 20-40%. You can poke about the site for a full breakdown, but here are a few examples to give you a taste:

Upholstered Sofas — Previously: $250 → Now: $200

Upholstered Chairs — Previously: $160 → Now: $125

Dining Chairs — Previously: $10 → Now: $6

Coffee Tables — Previously: $175 → Now: $125

Accent Tables — Previously: $150 → Now: $100

  • We utilize uniform pricing. We do this so you can make choices based on design rather than fee. We want you to focus on finding and choosing the pieces you love that reflect your personal style and preferences.

  • We love our industry partners and have refined our Trade program to provide the best benefits for those we work with frequently. If you’re a planner or hospitality professional, please sign up so we can stay engaged and provide you with all the first looks and design specials.

  • We’ve outlined a really clear and simple rental overview, including the skinny on rental minimums, delivery fees, product care plan, and extended rental. We try to keep fees to a minimum (because, let’s be honest, who likes them?) and only charge ones necessary to cover our out-of-pocket costs and operations. Regardless, you’ll always know what you’re being charged and why.

  • For events outside of Nashville, we’ve outlined a really clear destination delivery fee structure. This has always been tricky in the past because transport is so expensive, and we’re hoping this new guidance will be helpful to the out-of-state planners and brands we love so much.

This is just the beginning of this next wave, but I hope it’s a good one. As ever, I’m incredibly grateful for your support of 12th Table and the role you play in helping our brand grow with grace. If you have feedback or additional thoughts, please know my door is always open: Until next time, onward and upward friends.

Megan Proby