Twelve Finds


Entertaining is one of those things that, for some people, can seem incredibly daunting. There's this unspoken pressure to put on a show. To dazzle. Each detail in its perfect place—manicured, well-behaved, and performing on cue. 

I've always preferred the art of hosting over entertaining. Of opening up my space and making people feel welcome and comfortable. It might seem like a small distinction, but hosting is less about a production and more about setting the tone and creating the right environment. Little touches that say: I'm happy you're here. Let me take care of you. 

What I love about hosting, too, is that it doesn't require anything extra. You don't have to have handwritten place cards or a fresh-baked seven layer cake. You can just pull the glasses out of the cabinet, have Ella Fitzgerald on the radio, and warmly open your door to friends waltzing in. You just have to be yourself. 

Over the years I've built up some standard pieces that rest in my kitchen on the ready, always primed for an impromptu cocktail and catch-up. But I'm always on the hunt, too. Looking for new, well-made pieces that make my everyday space a little more inviting. 

Here's this week's Twelve Finds that make the art of hosting just a little more seamless and beautiful.