How I Host: Tailor and Table

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The best designers are those can take an everyday item or space, push its boundaries, and give it so many more uses. While we know this duo for their wedding design prowess, this time around Natalia and Bart of Tailor & Table focused on something we can all relate to: approachable weekday hosting. The creative pair converted Handy Dandy Productions into an eclectic home base primed with Thai takeout and beers. Read more below about their whimsical and welcoming hosting chops below. 


Describe your hosting style.

Casual and relaxed, but with effort.



Environment is key. What is your favorite space to host a party?

Bart: Anywhere that feels right.

Natalia: If the weather is cooperating, outside -- a patio, a rooftop, a garden, etc. Anywhere with fresh air and a light breeze! A memorable view is a plus.



Do you have a signature dish or drink you like to serve?

Bart: Lots of dips and anything baked.

Natalia: I'm not much of a chef, so my guests appreciate when I pick up goodies from a local restaurant or market. As for beverages, we're always stocked with wine and champagne for an impromptu gathering! I like to have a special non-alcoholic option available as well, whether it be infused water or a special tea of some sort.



What's your go-to color palette for design?

Bart: Neutrals with greens.

Natalia: Ditto on the neutrals with greens. Blue and white is another go-to palette for all seasons.



With events, it's important to touch all the senses. The perfect playlist includes...?

Bart: A mix, ranging from Stan Getz to Edith Piaf.

Natalia: It depends on the party! For an intimate dinner party, I go for anything warm with soul -- Leon Bridges, Amy Winehouse, and the like.



Who are your dream dinner guests?

Bart: Good friends and interesting people.

Natalia: Aside from my friends and family, I would have to say the Obamas. The conversation would be riveting and they seem like they like to kick back and have a good time.



What inspired your design for "How I Host"?

Bart: Candlelight and whimsy.

Natalia: We were inspired by the concept of easy weekday or Friday night hosting. You may be tired after a long week at work, but with a little effort, you can put together a relaxing and enjoyable evening without adding to your stress level.  A successful dinner party doesn't have to be stuffy or complicated. Sometimes Thai takeout and beers are all you need!


What pieces did you choose and why?

Bart: All of the pieces we chose were of varying textures.  The layering of textures creates a cozy environment.

Natalia: All of the pieces chosen from 12th Table were chosen to give a gathered, collected feel that you find the in the home of a traveler... one of those homes where every piece has a story!


What's your best "hosting" tip for beginners?

Bart: Offer your guests something to drink as soon as they arrive.

Natalia: Ah yes, get a drink in everyone's hand immediately! Guests take their cue from the host, so be sure to stop working and enjoy the party and good company. Also, invest in a luxuriously scented candle for your bathroom.