How I Host: Molly Sohr



Over the past few months we've had the joy of working with one of Nashville's new planners: Molly Sohr of The Cedar Lane. Tackling fresh design in the south isn't always easy. You have to find just that perfect blend of contemporary and classic, making the new approachable. But Molly does it seamlessly — always honing in on the right details to keep her guests inspired and comfortable. Read more about Molly's go-to hosting tips below!




How would you describe your hosting style —5 words or less! 

Inviting, laid back yet prepared.




Environment is key. What is your favorite space to host a party? 

Anything outdoors. An all windows open kind of space! 




Do you have a signature dish or drink you like to serve?

A "go-to" pairing of mine is a decadent cheese plate + red wine in the fall and winter.  But year round my friends know us for a fully stocked tequila bar.  




What’s your go-to color palette for design? 

I love to stick to neutrals for the overall table decor and then bring in color/textures through flowers or a pattern.




With events, it’s important to touch all the senses. The perfect playlist includes...? 

Where to begin on this one... music is everything.  A good dinner party playlist would be starting out with a little Alabama Shakes, Leon Bridges, Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac. After dinner turn it up with a little 90's throwback anything, some Dr. Dre and end on Chance the Rapper. It's random, but i love it.  




Who are your dream dinner guests? 

Will Ferrell, Elton John, Kate Hudson and my husband because we do life together (and he'd be mad about missing out).  Also dog Archie, he's basically a human.  



What inspired your design for “How I Host”? 

I wanted to really showcase things that I love + make me feel good: entertaining outdoors, rich fall colors, and spending quality time with people I love in a cozy environment.



What pieces did you choose and why? 

I chose the Tulum Sofa because it softened up the brown woodsy space. Then paired it with the colors of fall by using two  Driggs Accent Chairs. Then mixed it all with a little millennial pink pillows + throw pillows from West Elm. I am loving that color combo right now.



What’s your best “hosting” tip for beginners?  

Prep the day before and create a theme/color scheme.  If things don't go as planned, no one will know but you. So improv... it's not the end of the world.  Finally, stick to your style. Anything else is forced and will translate as such.