Join the 12T Team


When I started 12th Table, I did everything. I was our first delivery personnel (a laughable thought, I know). The client service representative. The accountant. The designer. The dishwasher. I drafted rental proposals, fielded phone calls, and showed up at venues at midnight to pick up from parties.

Thankfully (for both you and me), my days of lifting tables has passed. Our now not-so-little company has grown exponentially over the past few years. And while it would be easy enough to credit the concept and method, I'm wise enough to know one thing: any success we've experienced and any growth we've enjoyed has been a direct result of the people who work with me. Starting a business is hard, but starting a business without the right people is impossible. With consistency — and of their own merit — the people at 12th Table care. They care about doing a good job. About serving people well. About doing things the right way. They stay late. They get up early. And they always do more than I ask without asking what they get in return.

As we're headed into the last quarter of this year, I'm looking to a new frontier. We're continuing to grow our brand in inventive, creative ways — honing in on better methods to serve our clients and provide new and valuable services in the hospitality and design industries. And to do this well, we need to grow our team — adding individuals who will bring creativity, efficiency, energy, and loyalty to the table. 

I'm mindful about the ways that we're growing our group — hiring the right fit, not the quick fit. The culture we've developed over the past few years is important, and we want to continue growing with people who care, who are invested, and who always contribute at their highest level. If joining 12T sounds like something you're interested in, I'd sincerely love to hear from you. Head on over to our Careers page and look at our current openings. Upward and onward.

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