Rent the Design: Velvet + Brass Vibes


I love spaces that feel approachable — environments where people feel welcome and at home. But people often mistake that approachable design has to be synonymous with casual design. That couldn't be further from the truth. My favorite spaces are always those that elevate the everyday in a way that's surprising, but still attainable. Environments that make you feel special and grateful. 

As we're heading into fall, I'm really loving all the velvet vibes. Textures that are warm and a little luxurious, but which still add a softness and familiarity. Paired with the right materials and accents (think: brass and weathered black leather), this high-end design detail becomes something London cocktail party dreams are made of.

Below I've put together two assortments for you to embrace that timeless British glam. Party well, my friends. You deserve it.  

Recipe Card: Velvet + Brass Vibes — Lounge 


Recipe Card: Velvet + Brass Dining