Ultimate Bridal Care Giveaway

Visual by M.K. Sadler

Visual by M.K. Sadler

It's officially engagement season. The holidays came, the champagne popped, and men the world over bent down on one knee to say those four magical words. 

Engagement season is one of those sweet spots in life. It's full of expectation and joy. Promise. There's a lot of hope stitched up in the future where you start walking in life with a true partner—someone who will be consistently and courageously by your side. 

It really and truly is a special space in time.

But it's also a time that's so easy to miss. Days and conversations can so quickly become monopolized by things seating charts and guest counts and linen swatches. It's amazing how the nuanced details that seemed so trivial before — ivory vs. off-white, outside vs. inside — can become topics that launch a thousand battles. 

And while I do love a good champagne toast as much as the next, here's the real truth: engagement season isn't just a period of life to plan a wedding — it's really a season to prepare for marriage. A space set aside for your mentality to shift and heart to shift, and you really ready yourself to become a wife and partner.

This year, we wanted to do something to help brides walk into this new, bright chapter of their life with clarity and confidence. So we pulled together the absolute best brands in Nashville—companies I personally trust and adore—and created The Ultimate Bridal Care Giveaway. All the incredible takeaways were curated on the basis of helping a bride-to-be live in the moment and be the best version of herself. And let me tell you, it's a killer line-up (see below!).

If you're getting married or have a friend who could use some love and support this engagement season, head to The Ultimate Bridal Care Giveaway page and enter. The Giveaway is open until midnight on January 31, with the winning bride announced on February 1. 

The good news? Even if you don't win, we're showing a little love to everyone. Every bride who enters will get 10% off at 12th Table, plus free local delivery — a small token to hopefully make your wedding dreams more accessible and a little less stressful. 

Good luck, dear friends. Here's to an engagement season full of clarity and joy. xx


Ultimate Bridal Care Giveaway Package