A Golden-Hued Thanksgiving Table


Just a few days away from Thanksgiving and feeling inspired by warm, autumnal hues. Haven’t created your perfect holiday tablescape yet? Pulling together something beautiful doesn’t have to be tricky. Here’s some last-minute advice to make your dining table welcoming and warm.

  1. Put candles everywhere. We love to mix and match hues and heights to get the added depth and texture for the table. Here, we’re using Cafe Au Lait and Ivory Tapers from Creative Candles.

  2. Use what’s around you. Late fall is perfect for foraging, and you’ll find some amazing leaves and branches to give your tablespace texture.

  3. Add a natural element to each place setting. Whether it’s a single leaf or a floral stem, the natural touch immediately warms each spot.

  4. Pre-set the table. Even if you’re doing a buffet line in the kitchen, a finished place setting makes your tablescape feel more complete.

  5. Save room for food. The best designs are beautiful and functional. Be sure to keep plenty of space on your table for the true holiday essentials.