Candle Bar Collab


Earlier this month, we hosted a handful of our dearest partners, clients, and friends at The Candle Bar — a cute little joint in the Berry Hill area where you don an apron, play scientist, and pour your own candle. 

Henrietta Red brought the bites, Paddywax brought the scents, and our friends brought all the best company. 

Before spring fully locked and loaded, we wanted to pause, say thank you, and raise a glass. Last year was big for us and this year is looking even brighter, but all of that is a bit for naught if we don't take moments here and there to appreciate who and why. Pardon the sap for a moment if you will, but I think it's worth saying: All the growth and good times we've experienced are because of people. The people who work for us, who collaborate with us,  and who so kindly and loyally support our brand.

This year our team has realized there's a lot of things we could focus on. Growing a small business is exciting and demanding. It's hard. I've got sticky notes and stacks of papers littered about the studio with all the ideas we're excited about and things we want to do. But we're choosing to dig in our heels a bit and focus on serving this creative community well. We're keeping it about people. 

Collaboration over competition. Inspiration over imitation. More big, new things — together. And you'll be hearing all about what that means very soon. 

In the meantime, take a peek below at our Candle Bar takeover. And if you want to join us for our next gathering, we'd love to have you! Be sure to join the Trade Program, and we'll keep you in the loop! 

12th-Table-WEDDING-RENTALS-NASHVILLE-Design-Tips-Events-ENTERTAINING-Corporate-Events-Candle-Bar-48 (1).jpg