Introducing: 12T Partnerships

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It seems like every day, every quarter, every year, it all comes back to the same question: How do we serve people better? How can we roll up our sleeves, change our business, and do something that's truly helpful and fresh?

The thing I want most for our clients at 12th Table is excellent simplicity. The best product, the best service, in the absolute easiest way.

I've always thought that celebrating should be simple. You shouldn't have to search high and low, sign a thousand contracts, and pray the trucks come on time with the right goods and the right attitudes. You should know your vision, find it with one click, then be able to sit back, sip that G+T and enjoy.

So for a while there we toyed around with the idea of becoming a one-stop-shop. Doing everything ourselves—giving the client only one place they had to go to get what they need. But doing everything is exhausting. And overwhelming. And let's be honest, unrealistic. When you do everything it's hard to do it with excellence. You cut corners. You water it down. You can't master it. 

And what I want for our clients are masters. People who are exceptional at what they do. Products that are top-shelf worthy. No exceptions. 

So our team went back to the drawing board, dusted it off, and came back with something very simple but true: we're better together. This world is full of so many incredible talents already—brands and people that are heads and shoulders above others in their field—and we'd rather collaborate than compete. We'd rather be for people than against them.

Over the next few months we'll be announcing a series of partnerships that bring the best design and event resources under one roof so you can truly look to a single space for everything you need. It's about simplicity, about quality, about celebrating better—together.

With that in mind, we're really excited to announce that our flagship partnership in this process and the first on the docket is La Tavola Fine Linens. La Tavola is one of the most well-known and respected fine linen rental companies in the country. They have a substantial collection of speciality drapes and a foundation of approachable, quality basics. 

They've long been our go-to for personal needs, and we've been consistently impressed with the quality of their products and the caliber of their business. Good linens are such a fundamental part of the design process; they set the tone. So for us, adding these beauties to our roster is a hugely exciting, foundational step. 

The La Tavola X 12T Collection will initially be a curated line composed of essentials and hand-selected upgrades. You can explore more online or feel free to come view samples in the studio. As we hear from you about what you love and what you'd like to see, we'll expand our offerings accordingly. 

Welcome to a whole new kind of table, friends. It's going to be a full one. 

Interested in becoming a 12T partner? Email