Place and Palette: Mockingbird


I'm always looking for the right environment. I am—perhaps overly so—keenly aware of how a space makes me feel. When I'm working, I want to be in a place that inspires me. When I'm unwinding, I want to be in a place that relaxes. And when I'm celebrating, I want to be in a place that delights — a space equal to the excitement and joy of the moment. 

These spaces aren't just about visuals, though that plays a big part. It's about climate and fragrance and sound. It's about vibe. 

It seems in Nashville lately there is no shortage of new spaces. Some gems and, let's be honest, some generics that are filling our corridors with an abundance of options to gather and toast. 

Seeing as we look to be the consummate host, over the next few months we'll sort through the good and the hash to share here our favorite spaces in town— those that are are intentional in both their design and hospitality, mindfully attending to palette and palate (see what I did there?). 

We hope you enjoy and find a spot or two for your next celebratory moment. And if you have any smashing suggestions, do send them along. I always love a good hidden gem.


First on our list is The Mockingbird, a magical intimate diner nestled up next to Chauahan Ale House.

To Adore: While I love tall ceilings and vast open floor plans, there's a part of my heart tied to the intimate. I love walking into a space that feels stowed away. With its low-tiled ceilings and dark corner booths The Mockingbird is that — a whimsical speakeasy living in a midcentury world.

Ideal For: business lunches, after work cocktails, dinner celebration buy-outs

Eat This: Seoul Purpose

Drink This: Tequila Mockingbird


The Mockingbird features a happy hour of $6 bites, $5 drinks, and a $15 "Happy Meal" for the mid-century kid in all of us. So if you're in the market for a good after hour boost and the dreaminess of your home bar just doesn't cut it, head on over to the Mockingbird and get a dose of another little world.


Visuals by Nicola Harger