Floral Free Tablescape: Dried Elements


When designing a table — an intimate dinner, wedding, or event — most people tend to gravitate toward bright, fresh florals. But every moment (and every budget) doesn’t call for roses.  

Dreaming of upcoming autumn and a dinner that feels modern but earthy? Neutral but engaging? And better yet — affordable? This week, we stepped away from the norm to craft a floral-free tablescape full of dried palms and branches. 

The process? It’s easy. To create a rustic but elegant feel, you can mix and match pieces like dried wheat, palms, eucalyptus, and even weeds to create arrangements that are simple but artistic. 

Step 1: For texture and interest, gather 4-5 elements that feel complimentary but distinct. Keep the groupings simple, but be thoughtful about composing arrangements of different sizes and heights. 

Step 2: Place the arrangements strategically on the table, playing with a layout that feels most natural and progressive in height (e.g. don't clump all the tall ones together; intersperse the varieties). Incorporate a handful of votives for light and warmth. 

Step 3: For a final touch and to make the full design feel cohesive, add a dried element on each place setting. That final touch of green can be the detail that pulls it all together.


Photos by Nicola Harger.