How I Host: Flora Plant Shop


When it comes to details, there's nothing that transforms a room more than greenery. Plants add character, imagination, texture, and whim — making a blank space feel, in the blink of an eye, lively and inspired. 

Flora is my go-to resources in town when I have a nook or corner that's just aching for a touch of color and spirit. Tucked into a little East Nashville shop, Kate and Kerbi provide the most lovely array of houseplants and curated accompaniments. Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to visit their studio, when the duo transformed their botanical space into the most inviting entertaining oasis. 




How would you describe your hosting style -- 5 words or less!

Simple, casual, and inviting.




Environment is key. What is your favorite space to host a party?

Since landing our East Nashville storefront in March we’ve loved hosting gatherings here at Flora. We’re so comfortable here, it’s like a second home for us. It also makes decor easy since it’s always loaded with plants!




Do you have a signature dish or drink you like to serve?

For this we drew inspiration from the season for both food and drink. The cheese platter had brie with honey, dried apricots, pistachios, and grapes. For drinks we made a non alcoholic sparkling apple cider punch with the option to add bourbon.


Sparkling apple cider punch recipe:

1 gallon of apple cider

1 bottle sparkling apple cider

2 bottles ginger beer

The juice of 1 lime

Optional: stick of cinnamon and apple slices.




What's your go-to color palette for design?

Neutrals with pops of bright colors.




With events, it's important to touch all the senses. The perfect playlist includes...?

Music that can be on in the background but not distract from the conversation. For example artists like Slowdive, Bon Iver, and Bonobo.




Who are your dream dinner guests?

Bernie Sanders, Kendrick Lamar, and Meryl Streep.




What inspired your design for "How I Host"?

While you never need an excuse to get together with friends to share some drinks and conversation, our inspiration started from hosting a listening party. From there we wanted to create a space that would be conducive to having conversation while still making the record player an important piece.




What pieces did you choose and why?

We knew we wanted to create a welcoming living room vibe so we started by choosing the Tulum sofa. From there we chose some pieces we felt would go well with that (Natural Cylinder Cocktail Table, Algarve Chair, etc). Flora has some great pops of color throughout with greens all over the place and our bright abstract mural, so choosing those neutrals felt like the way to go.




What's your best "hosting" tip for beginners?

Keep it simple, nobody likes a stressed out host. Stick to things you enjoy doing because everyone else will too.




Photography by Cassidy Carson