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12th Table is growing. We're looking to add bright, articulate individuals who are passionate about building a brand and doing great work. We're a small business, but that doesn't mean we think small. We have high-expectations and want to build our team with people who have them, too. 

Specifically, we're looking for individuals who:  

+ Are top-notch with engagement. Excellent communication skills are a must — especially written correspondence. 

+ Have an interest in events, design, and serving people well. You need to love this industry—and want to better it—to make this work. 

+ Are seeking a long-term investment. We understand the appeal of trying every flavor, but we're focused on hiring people who are commitment-focused and who are ready to make this company something really special.

+ Aren't above doing the little things. We're in the service industry, so it should go without saying: Egos are not welcome. 

+ Have an interest in working in a start-up atmosphere. We're not a Fortune 500 company (yet!), so you're daily going to be in a fast-moving, all-hands-on-deck, dedicated environment. We'll think big, and we'll ask you to, too.  

+ Are up for the task. Perhaps this is repetitive to the point above, but it's worth noting twice: We're a "stay-until-the-job-is-done" kind of business, which isn't for everyone; we get that. So we like to be upfront that sometimes the mornings are early and the nights are late. If that isn't your cup of tea and you fancy the "clock-in, clock-out" structure, this probably isn't for you. 

+ Want the opportunity to graduate. We have an open door policy to make this job what you want it to be — if you have ideas of how to contribute and improve our brand, bring it to the table. Here you have the freedom to do your best work and the responsibility to achieve excellence.  


Current Openings


12th Table is looking for a stellar contract-based Photographer Videographer combo to help us grow and connect with our community in new and meaningful ways. Through photo + video, you'll help us craft a consistent, strong, memorable presence — telling our story via various mediums. 

About You: 

>> Clear sense of style and able to bring a consistent, strong voice to visuals and videos

>> Totally comfortable creating with multiple media formats

>> Creative to the nth degree with an eagerness to bring fresh ideas to the table

>> Can produce high quality content quickly

>>  Has understanding of, and appreciation for the 12th Table sensibility, brand, aesthetic, and mission

>> Flexible schedule with the ability to commit 40 hours/month

>>  Enjoys working with different subjects, including people, designs, spaces, and flat-lays




12th Table is a service-oriented company, and we believe it's essential to dialogue and interact with our clients in a timely and thoughtful manner.

We are looking for a studio assistant who is willing to oversee our studio's administrative and service-oriented tasks with a joyful heart and productive spirit — ensuring client satisfaction and utmost efficiency. 

About the Job:

>>  Craft thoughtful rental proposals in a timely manner

>>  Answer client questions about products, prices, availability, and payment terms

>>  Manage admin work associated with client orders, including sending rental contracts and securing payments

>>  Develop and maintain client relationships to improve communication and client loyalty 

>>  Demonstrate and maintain good business acumen in handling client challenges; consult with clients to resolve problems and provide ongoing support

>>  Assist with daily errands

>>  Organize and oversee 12T's client database

>>  Liaise with the warehouse—organizing details

>>  Assist on events and installs, as needed


About You: 

>>  A self-starter who is good at taking direction and then running with it  

>>  Detailed and thorough, approaching all projects—no matter how small—with thoughtfulness and care

>>  Enviable communication skills, both written and verbal

>>  Understanding of, and appreciation for the 12th Table sensibility, brand, aesthetic, and mission

>>  Positive, contagious attitude


To Note:

>> Familiarity with InDesign and Quickbooks is a plus.

>> This is an hourly position. 


12th Table is looking for a creative and organized Design Services Manager to oversee project management and client services for our new sister company, The Conley House. The Conley House provides contemporary residential staging services, as well as furniture sales, for the Nashville market. 

About the Job:

>>  Manage new inquiries — engaging with potential clients and setting up timely site visits for new properties

>>  Create detailed staging proposals for each space

>>  Oversee necessary admin work, including contract execution and payment 

>>  Prepare for all installs, ensuring appropriate all details are in place for a swift and efficient install

>>  Lead design installs, staging furniture and details with care

>>  Perform weekly site visits to all staged properties, ensuring spaces are well kept

>>  Assist CEO with the development and launch of Shop Conley

>>  Assist the Director of Partnerships & Clientele with business development and clientele growth

>>  Oversee all residential staging inventory, ensuring items are accounted for an in good care


About You: 

>>  A self-starter who is good at taking direction and then running with it  

>>  Great attention to detail, and desire to execute a project fully and with care. You don't cut corners or accept average.

>>  Right and left-brained. Creative and organized. This position requires creativity and a keen sense of aesthetics, but it also demands rigorous organization and the ability to manage multiple ongoing projects at a time. 

>>  Enviable communication skills — both verbal and written. This individual will be the primary point of contact for Conley House clientele.

>>  Ability to engage and understand the client needs — driving future business through reacting thoughtfully to customer needs and wants


>>  A positive, outgoing, high energy personality that is sales focused

>>  Ability to work quickly and efficiently against tight deadlines 

>>  Understanding of, and appreciation for the 12th Table sensibility, brand, aesthetic, and mission 

>>  Forward thinker who can research, read markets, and conceptualize new ideas 

>>  A do-whatever-it-takes attitude and desire to roll up your sleeves in a dynamic, fast-moving, start-up environment 

>>  Excellent interpersonal skills and desire to collaborate extensively with colleagues 

>>  Responsible, accountable, and loyal with an incredible work ethic 



The heart and success of our company relies on our logistics running smoothly and with care. Our deliveries and logistics team is critical to our success — not only do they oversee our inventory's quality, storage, and delivery; they are a direct representation of our brand to our clients. 

We are looking for a Logistics Supervisor to join our team who can assist with the management of our inventory and deliveries of our growing company, as well as assist in the training and development of a top-notch delivery crew. 

About the Job:

>>  Assisting with pulling, loading, assembling, operating, and disassembling rental equipment and returning it properly to inventory

>>  Inspecting and safely operating box trucks

>>  Communicating effectively with internal company employees and clients, while maintaining 12th Table's standards of professionalism and courtesy 

>>  Once trained, must be able to communicate instructions and oversee logistics needs to less experienced personnel


To Note: 

>>  Problem-solving mentality is a huge plus. This position requires someone who can evaluate a situation, create efficient solutions, and motivate fellow employees to implement. 

>>  Must be willing to work any hours. We are an events company, and people celebrate late and often.

>>  Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds—able to twist, turn, reach over shoulders while standing and walking on a continual basis.

>>  Must be professional, reliable and have excellent customer service skills. You are often the face of our company, and we want that face to be incredibly kind, attentive, and professional. 


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