Organizational Assistant

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12th Table is looking for an Organizational Assistant to provide administrative and organizational support for our sister brand, The Conley House. We're in the market for someone with a killer eye and natural design instinct with project management skills to match. The ideal fit is an incredible worker, a sucker for details, and ahead-of-the curve when it comes to creating and customizing the ideal space.  

About the Job:

>> Provide general administrative support

>> Oversee staging decor and textile inventory at the warehouse, ensuring all items are cleaned, properly put away, and cared for

>> Maintain currently staged homes, handling weekly check-ins of properties to ensure all spaces look their best and are properly documented

>> Oversee all home load-outs, properly packing details and art

>> As necessary, work with Lead Designer to supervise delivery and placement of inventory in the home, as well as put finishing touches on the space — including but not limited to styling the kitchen, making beds, and accessorizing thoughtfully with plants, art, and details


About You:

>> A self-starter who is good at taking direction and running with it  

>> Extremely well organized and good at managing your time

>> Strong visual eye that fits naturally with the 12th Table aesthetic

>> Impeccable and engaging communicator

>> Comfortable navigating between left-brained and right-brained tasks (design <--> organization)

>> Hard-working, flexible, and always works to exceed expectations

>> Ability to multi-task and manage own time effectively

>> Consistent deadline-meeter


Expertise aside, we hire individuals who...

 >> Are top-notch with engagement. Excellent communication skills are a must — especially written correspondence. 

>> Have an interest in events, design, interiors, and serving people well. You need to love this industry—and want to better it—to make this work. 

>> Are seeking a long-term investment. We understand the appeal of trying every flavor, but we're focused on hiring people who are commitment-focused and who are ready to make this company something really special.

>> Aren't above doing the little things. We're in the service industry, so it should go without saying: Egos aren't welcome. 

>> Have an interest in working in a start-up atmosphere—you're daily going to be in a fast-moving, all-hands-on-deck, dedicated environment. We'll think big, and we'll ask you to, too.  

>> Are up for the task. Perhaps this is repetitive to the point above, but it's worth noting twice: We're a "stay-until-the-job-is-done" kind of business, which isn't for everyone; we get that. So we like to be upfront that sometimes the mornings are early and the nights are late. If that isn't your cup of tea and you fancy the "clock-in, clock-out" structure, this probably isn't for you. 

>> Want the opportunity to graduate. We have an open door policy to make this job what you want it to be — if you have ideas of how to contribute and improve our brand, bring it to the table. Here you have the freedom to do your best work and the responsibility to achieve excellence.  



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