12th Table is a full-service, design-focused rental company that brings beautiful and functional design to the temporary rental market.

While luxury, designer rentals have often been for the select few, our mission is to rethink event essentials and make core, well-made pieces accessible to the brands and individuals who appreciate them most.

We spend a lot of time here choosing and investing in the right items — pieces that can be versatile, distinct, and timeless. As a result, our collection is used in a variety of ways—making appearances at corporate events, TV productions, photo shoots, and weddings. 

With an eye for quality and a mind for service, our design-forward, concierge approach is both accessible and imaginative—helping a variety of brands and personal clients transform blank canvases into well-manicured spaces primed for celebration. Welcome to the table. 


Locations in Nashville, Atlanta, & Birmingham. Destination services available.