policies & fees


Delivery & Fee Basics

We like to keep things simple and honest. Why? We want the rental process to be clear and streamlined for you — no surprises! On your rental invoice, you’ll always see three standard fees — a Rental fee, a Delivery fee, and a Product Care Plan. Here's the skinny on each: 

RENTAL FEE // All rental fees for our collection are listed on our site and account for a 24-hour rental.

DELIVERY FEE // Our local delivery fee takes care of delivery and pick-up of your item(s) within our "home" cities — Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham. Celebrating outside these areas? See more on Destination Deliveries below.

PRODUCT CARE PLAN // Our Product Care Plan is equal to 10% of your order. This fee allows us to have our pieces professionally cleaned and looking smart for all your occasions. Additionally, this plan covers you for damage to items that occur through normal use. Think: dirt on a sofa, water stain on a coffee table, etc. Mishaps like this happen all the time, and our Product Care Plan greatly helps us maintain the quality of our collection. On the rare occasion excessive damage to an item occurs, the Product Care Plan fee is credited toward the replacement charge as well. 



We love to meet all our clients needs, but on certain occasions your project/event might extend beyond our standard scope and incur additional charges. We strive to make all of these fees reasonable and minimal. Here's the skinny on each: 

OFF HOURS FEES //  Our delivery team’s standard operating hours are 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM. If you need an early delivery or a late pick-up outside of these hours, we're happy to burn the midnight oil. That said, we do charge an additional $100 per hour if it's outside the scope. This allows us to compensate our workers better who are laboring into the wee hours.

DESTINATION DELIVERIES //  Many brands and partners we work with have events and projects outside of our home city limits. We love serving these areas, but do need to charge increased delivery fees to cover our out-of-pocket costs—things like transport, labor, and room/board. We’re happy to provide estimates for any location.

EXTENDED RENTAL //  All of our rentals are for a 24-hour period. If you need to take items out of our inventory for over 24 hours that’s more than fine. We simply charge 30% of the rental fee for each additional 24 hour period the item(s) are out to account for the additional time.

SITE READINESS //  We want to serve all of our clients well, and in order to do this we run a tight ship. On the occasions where our delivery team arrives at a venue at the scheduled time and isn’t able to deliver or pick-up due to “site readiness” or an extension of the event, we do charge an additional $150 fee to cover the increased labor hours.